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Our Ethos

Become an extension of you.

GIGA's success is built on a foundation forged in long-term partnerships. Our decision to work with partners, whether a 2 co-founder startup or a 500-person enterprise, is based on fit. We analyze the existing problem, the proposed solution and the DNA of both our partner company's team and our own. If we feel there's a fit, it's because we strongly believe that our engineering and design resources will exponentially increase the productivity and scale of the partner organization. We're not an external agency. We're much more an extension of your existing team.

Our Work Style

Do great work.
Be great people.

First and foremost, we build top-tier products. From architecture to deployment, our team is comprised of the most creative, intelligent and committed individuals in their respective craft. Whether it's a tiny frontend component or a monster backend system, it's going to be made with meticulous attention to detail, tested thoroughly and function perfectly when released. More importantly, product design and development is a people business. We pride ourselves on our candid, open and honest communication style. We'll never blindly build something without understanding the full implications of the project on the overall business.

Our Fairness Policy

Bill transparently and fairly.

All GIGA platform products are priced openly and on a pay-per-usage model. This ensures that expectations are set clearly from kickoff and you're not paying for any resources that aren't being leveraged to the best of their ability.

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“One of the most inclusive, idea-loving engineering and design teams I've ever worked with.”
Michael Simpson
UI/UX Designer, London
“We've successfully accomplished something with our GIGA team that hundreds of companies, with thousands of employees, have failed at in the past.”
Bruce McMahon
President & Owner, NYC
“They get s*@! done.”
Natasha D Rice
Backend Developer, Toronto
Intellectual curiosity is our greatest strength

Meet our experts.

Paul Green

Company Ceo

Trina Sunshine

Tax Lawyer

Frankie Kao

Software Engineer

mary loo

Frontend Developper

sara Sunshine

IOS Developper

Jhon Kao

Software Engineer

Karla Avala

Graphic Designer

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