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Introducing Buildable + new suite of A.I tools 🤖

In an effort to advance the world’s level of innovation via software, GigaLab has invested heavily in new tools that will allow startup, SMB, growth phase and enterprise Partners to build new tools more quickly and more affordably. We strongly feel that this will create the opportunity for companies to ideate, build, test and release a much larger volume of software tools in a shorter period of time.

Today, we are pleased to share the results of our internal investments over the past 12 months and announce the public release of (Buildable). Buildable is a fully automated application builder for both custom mobile and web applications. The Buildable platform leverages artificial intelligence models, hundreds of modular libraries uniquely owned by GigaLab and a shared infrastructure to significantly reduce the cost and time-requirements of building a software product from scratch. Ultimately, GigaLab Partners, in association with Buildable, will now be able to modernize and/or scale their business practices exponentially quicker than older versions of themselves, as well as their market competitors, which we feel is a huge achievement.

Buildable is not just relevant for startups and SMBs. Growth phase and enterprise companies can leverage Buildable’s suite of A.I driven plug-ins, like Captured (a highly intelligent email marketing assistant for SaaS that turns 15%+ of a total leads list into booked demo meetings).

For more information on Buildable, its use cases and existing case studies, please contact your GigaLab representative or email us directly at

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