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Our Services

Product Ideation

Our favourite thing to do is ideate new technologies and build out innovative ways to solve real business problems via software. We're also super good at it.

Frontend Development

Create beautiful and highly functional frontend components that suit your brand guidelines, overall aesthetic and look-and-feel of your entire product suite.

Backend Development

Build durable, highly scalable systems in your language of choice, while also leveraging new age technologies like serverless and graph-based languages.

System Architecture

A solid infrastructure and architectural system plan is key in taking a product from 100 to 1M+ daily active users. We'll ensure your tech gets there.

Quality Assurance

Meticulous QA and integrated, automated testing ensures your system looks and feels the same in production as it does in your staging environment.

A/B Testing

We build data-led products that rely much less on gut feel and more on usage data and behavioural insights collected from the market.

Project Management

We leverage industry-leading, battle tested tools to ensure both your internal team and your GigaLab resources are always on the same page.

SEO Optimization

In certain industries, product discovery via search is key to success. We're highly capable when it comes to analyzing and refining key areas of SEO.

Custom Algorithms

In competitive markets, having proprietary technology is a necessity. Work with our most senior technologists to create new, company-owned products.



“One of the most inclusive, idea-loving engineering and design teams I've ever worked with.”
Michael Simpson
UI/UX Designer, London
“We've successfully accomplished something with our GIGA team that hundreds of companies, with thousands of employees, have failed at in the past.”
Bruce McMahon
President & Owner, NYC
“They get s*@! done.”
Natasha D Rice
Backend Developer, Toronto

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